Personality Types of the Heart Centre – ‘Inadequacy’

The Heart Centre’s focus is on interpersonal relationships.  The personalities in this centre have a deep concern for how other people are reacting.  Their different survival strategies each are focused on feedback from others, and they need positive feedback.  This reassures them that they are not facing the dangers alone.  Each has a distinctive way to seek positive feedback.

  • TWOs seek positive feedback and reassurance by helping people. Their focus tends to be on individuals, although they may enlarge this into focusing on a group.  They are sometimes called the Helper.  For a classroom example of the Two personality see Unspoken Words and Translating the Unspoken Words.
  • THREEs seek positive feedback from the group by their achievements. Achievements come in all shapes and sizes; for example winning competitions, gaining qualifications, positions of public responsibility, organising events, creating things, etc..  They are sometimes called the Achiever.
  • FOURs seek positive feedback by being the spokesman who expresses the joys and sorrows of living in this imperfect world. This may be through the creative or performing arts, or it may be at a more mundane level in the ways they express themselves in day to day living.  They are sometimes called the Individualist or Romantic.ennagram-heart-centre