The Type Four Student: The Misunderstood Creative

Driver:  Inadequacy, not certain they ‘deserve to be here’
Motivation: to find a special and unique identity
Focus: what’s missing
Strategy: withdraw from convention and get people to notice how I’m different


  • strong desire to express themselves creatively
  • proud of uniqueness
  • sometimes self-conscious about being left out
  • often seek comfort in daydreams

Communication style

  • emotional, dramatic flair, personally revealing
  • deep philosophical discussion
  • focus on meaning, symbolism

Learning Style

  • need personal, emotional connection to lesson content
  • wait until the mood strikes to study
  • pour their soul into their work
  • very sensitive to criticism (personal rejection)

Work Ethic:  Aesthetic Individuality

  • their projects are a work of art
  • want their work to be extraordinary (not ordinary)
  • may be artistically inclined
  • turn boring work into something beautiful
  • want special, meaningful experiences
  • want each student’s uniqueness recognized
  • don’t want to be compared with others

Ideal Classroom

  • values self-expression, creativity, emotional authenticity
  • opportunities to personalize work
  • unique ambiance with meaningful decor

Personality Cluster

Wings:  Achiever (3) and Observer (5)

Stress Arrow:  Helper (2)

Become judgmental, critical.  Help people they don’t like, force ‘help’ on others. Strong emotions.

Security Arrow:  Perfectionist (1)

  • accentuate the positives more and the negatives less
  • focus on principles so feelings not so in control

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with thanks to Rob Fitzel