Translating the Unspoken Words

The personalities of Sarah, Chloe, and Lucy represent the three Centres.  Chloe is a Type Two (Heart Centre), Lucy is a Type Five (Head Centre), and Sarah is a Type Eight (Gut Centre). Chloe immediately realised that her teacher was not herself.  Twos are very sensitive to the emotions of others.  This is part of their … More Translating the Unspoken Words


Avalanche of Anxiety

Sometimes the most difficult sets are those that are one up from the bottom. Sophie had one of those. A few of the students worked quietly and industriously but the class felt chaotic.  The problem with handling the disruption was that the students concerned did not see their actions as disruptive.  And the irony was … More Avalanche of Anxiety

A Falling Star

John grabbed a coffee and slumped into a seat in the staffroom.  “It does my head in”, he muttered to himself.  Sam heard him and went over to join him.  “Which one is it now?  Is Casey giving you a hard time again?” “You won’t believe it, but it’s Sasha.” “Sasha who?” “You know, Sasha … More A Falling Star

Showdown in Lab 16

As Debbie sat down she flung her long hair over her shoulder and I could see the determined set of her jaw and her apprehensive frown.  I hadn’t met Debbie yet.  I was doing some long term supply teaching, and was given this class as the relationship had broken down with their teacher.  Specifically, it … More Showdown in Lab 16

Beyond Our Own Egos to Child-Centred Behaviour Management

I have just returned from a refreshing few days at the Association for Science Education’s Annual Meeting at the University of Birmingham.  There was a wealth of fun, exciting, creative, and innovative ideas, practicals, and demonstrations there…..more than enough to inspire a generation of Nobel Prize winners. But the paradox is that it seems that … More Beyond Our Own Egos to Child-Centred Behaviour Management