Compassionate Learning

behaviour management through understanding personality

Explore how your personality affects the way you teach, and how your students’ personalities affect the ways they learn and interact in the classroom.

The enneagram has become increasingly used in a large number of contexts: community groups, business, mentoring, family therapy. This personality typology sees personalities as human survival strategies. Each personality is distinctive, and yet we tend to instinctively expect others to respond to situations in a broadly similar way to ourselves. A classroom is like a crucible, with a large number of people crammed together. The teacher is one personality trying to manage all of those others. What is more, the differing personalities of their students may affect the way they interact with each other in the classroom and with their teacher.
Understanding personality differences can enable teachers to adapt their approach to defuse tensions and create a more harmonious and purposeful classroom.

This introduction briefly describes the rationale behind the enneagram and how teachers may find it helpful.