Personality types of the Head Centre – ‘Fear’

The Head Centre is concerned with collecting and processing information which may prove useful in the struggle for survival.  The three personalities in this Centre have subtle differences in their ways of processing and responding to the existence of the dangers which they know infest their environment, although they may be so focused on the coping strategy that they are completely unaware of the fear.

  • FIVEs prepare for the unexpected by gathering as much information as possible and then storing it for future use and reference. Their focus on this process is so strong that they can seem disengaged:  in fact they are so totally engaged that there is nothing left for their exterior world.  They do however have a very active interior world.  They are sometimes called the Observer.  For a classroom example of the Five personality see Unspoken Words and Translating the Unspoken Words.
  • SIXes are constantly scanning the horizon for potential pitfalls and gathering information, evaluating it and very often telling those around them. They often see themselves as more aware of hazards than everyone else.  They may retreat from them, or they may dive in and face them down.  They are sometimes called the Questioner.
  • SEVENs also constantly scan the world for danger but they find the potential (and sometimes imaginary to the rest of us) dangers so overwhelming that they cover life with a sugar paste coating to keep them at bay. They may seem to others to be clowns or Peter Pan people, but anyone who understands clowning knows that clowns are deeply aware of pathos.  They are sometimes called the Adventurer or Epicure.  For an example of the Seven personality type in action see The Reluctant Perfectionist and Understanding the Reluctant Perfectionist



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