The Type Seven Student: The Joyful Enthusiast

Driver:  Fear of being overwhelmed by countless unnameable dangers
Motivation: to be happy and fulfilled
Focus: the positive
Strategy: seek happiness/ excitement in the world around them


  • pump their positive energy into the classroom
  • learning is exploration and novelty
  • joking, talkative, entertaining


  • talkative, enthusiastic
  • converse in a free association
  • nonlinear, go off on tangents

Learning Style

  • learn quickly
  • learn by association
  • mental exploration and experimentation
  • can jump into the middle of things without needing the big picture

Work Ethic:  Ideas Multitasking

  • prolific brainstormers
  • see connections between ideas
  • connections may take them on tangents
  • can synthesize disparate ideas together
  • enjoy variety
  • become distracted when things slow down
  • dislike routine, predictability
  • keep plans open-ended

Ideal Classroom

  • values enthusiasm, spontaneity, openness
  • fast paced, dynamic, interactive
  • full of positive energy
  • free of constraints and limitations

Personality Cluster

Wings:  Questioner (6) and Challenger (8)

Stress Arrow:  Perfectionist (1)

Escapism.  Hypercritical. Judgmental of self and others. Destroying partly finished work as it is not perfect.

Security Arrow:  Observer (5)

  • Help them to accept the polarities of life
  • Accept fears and use them to grow wisdom
  • Seeing mistakes as positive opportunities for growth.

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with thanks to Rob Fitzel


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