The Type Nine Student: The Accommodating Companion

Driver:  Anger that the world is a stressful place
Motivation: to be at peace
Focus: other people’s point of view
Strategy: deny own wants and opinions to accommodate others


  • easygoing, good-natured, well behaved
  • go with the flow
  • cooperative, supportive
  • optimistic, seek consensus

Communication Style

  • calm, peaceful voice
  • indirect, subtle
  • answers may ramble on, difficult to verbalize specifics
  • sometimes state other people’s opinions as their own

Learning Style

  • immersion
  • experiential exercises, physical movement
  • repetition
  • routine, predictability, structure

Work Ethic:  Working in a Harmonious Group

  • all parts fit together in a harmonious way
  • sometimes hard to know which pieces are important or not
  • hard to prioritize work, it will get done when it gets done
  • low stress, little conflict
  • high energy environment can be draining
  • may take frequent breaks, tune out
  • prefer working in groups
  • feel the wholeness, unity of the group

Ideal Classroom

  • values stability, groundedness, and balance
  • tranquil atmosphere
  • big picture focus, connectedness of all things
  • happy, comfortable, stress free

Personality Cluster

Wings:  Challenger (8) and Perfectionist (1)

Stress Arrow:  Questioner (6)

Overwhelmed with anxiety, self-doubting and worry. Can lead to paralysis. OR May plunge into overachieving.  (This is the negative side of their security arrow to Type 3.)

Security Arrow:  Achiever (3)

  • Narrow their focus so they can concentrate on a specific task.
  • Encourage self-confidence and expression of feelings in a safe accepting environment.

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Enneagram Personalities of Students

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with thanks to Rob Fitzel


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