The Type Three Student: The Star of the Class

Driver:  Inadequacy, seeking affirmation from others especially from ‘authority’
Motivation: to be successful
Focus: results and achievement
Strategy: to win the esteem of others


  • need to be the best
  • “unproductive” feelings, close friendships less important than task on hand
  • may become role models/ popular leaders

Communication Style

  • natural charmers
  • positive image, ‘spin’
  • motivating, can-do attitude

Learning Style

  • desire to improve skill and ability
  • reduce lesson to key concepts and results
  • eager to jump into action

Work Ethic:  Driven to Excel

  • challenge themselves
  • work quickly, may cut corners to get done faster
  • need to produce and achieve all the time
  • may brag/ show off
  • enjoy competition/ contests
  • sensitive to criticism
  • keep quiet when not doing well
  • turn failure into partial success
  • avoid areas in which they know they won’t excel

Ideal Classroom

  • values self-improvement, competency
  • expectations clearly defined
  • visible reward system

Personality Cluster

Wings:  Helper (2) and Individualist (4)

Stress Arrow:  Mediator (9)

Apathetic. Numb out with food, sleep, etc.  Passive-aggressive punish anyone seeing their shortcomings.

Security Arrow:  Questioner (6)

  • Show you value them for who they are as well as for what they do
  • Show them it is ok to

….. relax and have fun

….. make mistakes

….. not always be the best

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with thanks to Rob Fitzel


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