Courses and Training

The Enneagram Personality Typing System is a powerful toolbox for discovering the inner drivers and motivations which profoundly shape the way you see the world and relate to others, including your students.

Introduction to the Enneagram: Getting to Know Yourself , your Drivers and Your Coping Strategies. 

  • three-hour interactive workshop (or two 1 1/2 hour workshops),
  • introduction to the nine core personality types of the Enneagram, and opportunity for participants to determine their own individual type,
  • Participants will also have a chance to reflect upon how their type is reflected in their relationships with others, including in the classroom

The Enneagram: Compassionate Teaching, Compassionate Learning  

  • interactive, six-hour session which begins with the components of the 3 hour introductory workshop,

further reflection and discussion activities which could include

  • ‘five personalities in one’  –  how our personalities fluctuate according to our ‘wings’ and ‘arrows’
  • giving personality-appropriate feedback
  • recognising when students are stressed and personality-appropriate strategies to enable them to cope
  • other tailor-made content in discussion with users

The Enneagram: One to One Consultations and Mentoring

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