The Type One Student: The Serious Hard Worker

Driver:  Anger that the world is not perfect
Motivation: to be good and correct
Focus: what’s wrong (what’s not as it should be)
Strategy: follow rules, standards, and principles so closely that they will meet all expectations


  • earnest, self-discipline
  • very mature and polite
  • ‘perfect’ people are not emotional or rude

Communication Style

  • serious, unemotional voice
  • clear, to the point, focused on topic
  • strong convictions, morality, sometimes preachy, “I should….”

 Learning Style

  • attentive in class
  • want to know the rules
  • meticulous attention to detail

Work Ethic:   Conscientious Attention to Detail

  • lists and planning
  • dedicated to work, delay breaks
  • great team players (if everyone works hard)
  • Inner Critic points out every mistake
  • notice when the teacher is off track

Ideal Classroom

  • everyone is responsible, self-disciplined, conscientious
  • rules are fair and reasonable, and consistently enforced
  • well organized and work is well planned

Personality Cluster

Wings:  Mediator (9) and Helper (2)

Stress Arrow:  Individualist (4)

Indignant that things are not ‘right’. Anger may turn inward to depression. Longing for what they don’t have.

Security Arrow:  Enthusiast (7)

  • Need to learn moderation with respect to work, and how to pace themselves
  • Show you value them for who they are as well as for what they do
  • Show them it is ok to

… angry, open, honest

….. relax and have fun

….. make mistakes

….. be spontaneous

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with thanks to Rob Fitzel