The Type Two Student: The People Pleasing Mentor

Driver:  inadequacy, seeking approval from others
Motivation: to be appreciated
Focus: other people and their needs
Strategy: earn appreciation by being kind to others


  • relationships and feelings
  • class dynamics just as important to learning process as lesson content

Communication Style

  • signs of affection, smile, eye contact
  • make others feel accepted
  • tries very hard to please
  • generous with compliments

Learning Style

  • want emotional connection to the lesson
  • focus on people and applications
  • learn well from role models

Work Ethic:  Adapting for Approval

  • seek good grades
  • volunteering around school
  • adapt to teachers’ preferences
  • very sensitive to explicit or implicit criticism. may even see disagreement as disapproval
  • mutual support in classroom community
  • connect with passionate, joyful teachers

Ideal Classroom

  • teacher values offers of help
  • values thoughtfulness, emotional connection
  • group work and discussion

Personality Cluster

Wings:  Perfectionist (1) and Achiever (3)

Stress Arrow: Challenger (8)

Deals with stress by being helpful, can become angry and difficult if this is blocked. Can become controlling. 

Security Arrow: Individualist (4)

  • Encourage them to find other sources of self-worth besides helping
  • Show them it is OK to

….. express their needs

….. say ‘no’

….. not feel they need to ‘rescue’ others

  • Give clear & consistent structure for working with others vs alone

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with thanks to Rob Fitzel